Bloom In Love: Planting Seeds of Growth


December 13, 2020 Lelia Christine / Miss PVK Season 1 Episode 6
Bloom In Love: Planting Seeds of Growth
Show Notes

What do you want? Why? Where is it leading you? What will you do when you get there? Join Lelia and Miss PVK as they explore the power embedded within your desire. As you consider your own desires, allow yourself to explore all different areas of life - mental, physical, emotional, relational, social, environmental, material, financial, spiritual.

Questions you may consider as you listen to this episode... (these make great journal prompts or meditations!)

  • What is the difference (if any) between my desires, needs, wants?
  • What does desire feel like?
  • From where do my desires come?
  • How do I know if my desires are truly mine?
  • How do my desires relate to self-worth?
  • Do I believe I am worthy of what I desire?
  • How have my desires changed?
  • Which area of life are my desires the strongest?
  • Who do I trust with sharing my desires? Why?
  • What is one of my biggest desires for myself right now?
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